Employee Benefit Solutions of Indiana Inc., offers a variety of insurance and consulting services specializing in Wellness, Healthcare Reform Education and Creative Benefit Design Integration. EBS takes the time to understand what all the balancing factors are in undertaking your HR insurance needs. It is our responsibility to make the best decisions with you for your company. Our bottom line is about proving our worth to your organization over and over again. Too often, insurance benefits are noticed when things go poorly. That simply will never be the case with EBS.


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Every EBS prospective client should feel free to ask any question you choose. We are not going to shy away from any subject which helps us solves your issues efficiently and effectively as possible. On that note, what should you, as client, expect from us? Below is a great guideline of what you should know about a prospective agent.

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EBS is just a little different. We actually care. About your needs. About your employees. About you. Please feel free to learn more about us via our Social Media presence or request a free consultation today!

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